Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One of the Few Book Review

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This book was great.  I don't read many military books and when I was told given this title I thought oh boy I am not sure how this is going to go even though it is a Christian read.  I was surprised that it kept me wanting to read more.  I did not get bored.  I like when books or the lives of those that are Christians or seeking asks those questions as to me it lets me know that you are searching and you want to know the truth. It could be challenging at first but I am a reader and have been able to read William Faulkner books so it was not bad at all.  I love that this book was on faith and despite questions faith is what stands.
I love how I was taken through the military world and culture.  I was able to visually with the authors way of describing that time in his life. It was amazing how faith was found while living in a culture that makes it hard to have faith or lean on it at times. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I think anyone can enjoy this book and not just a christian.  I definitely believe that someone that is very skeptical  of Christianity can read this and respect this book. I am also a visual person which I believe most books readers have to be to love books, so I was incredibly blessed to be able to visually be taken on this road and on this Journey of faith.  If you are not asking those important questions to yourself and of God about your faith in where you are in life then you will never grow. I enjoyed this read.  

I received a free copy of this book for my honest Opinion.

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