Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Will Give Thanks!

My heart is full with thanksgiving! This morning I woke up in pain, I felt it starting last night and this morning was not easy. Before I complained, before, I told God about my problems and how I am still waiting on his healing I gave thanks. I thanked him for this beautiful day although I didn't feel beautiful, I thanked him for his protection even though I did not feel protected, I thanked him for his love although I didn't feel his love, I thanked him for his goodness although I didn't feel it, And I thanked him for his Healing although I don't feel healed. Situations can make you feel God is not nigh to you, but see what doesn't matter is how I feel, what does matter is how God feels and what He says about me and my situation. I don't have to feel it to know the truth all I have to do is trust and believe in his word. My situation is not going to sway how I am going to walk because I know who is before me and behind me. I can give thanks and be exceedingly glad because I have the Father, the one who knows everything and has the power and authority to change my circumstance. Can I get an Amen? Give t hanks this morning for He is good and Worthy I mean more than worthy to be praised! He has made me glad for I will rejoice for He has made me Glad! When we start to think like God, there is no stopping me or you. No Devil in he'll can stop you! give thanks this morning.

Be Blessed, 

Beautiful Awakening Ministry

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  1. What a positive article! I could feel the good vibes that this article is giving off. There are so many times when you think God does not love you but the truth He does love us, more so than anyone else.