Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review Guys Slimline Bible

This bible is very similar to the girls slimline bible the difference is the look. The black and blue as well as the inside from cover scripture that is on it. My husband actually like the bible and considers taking it when he is in need to travel light and still have that stylish guy look and feel of a bible.  It has topics to look up , reading plan but as stated for the girls version of this, it is not a study bible that has notes on scriptures.  It is your typical Holy Bible.  It is in NLT version for easier reading and understanding of God's word.  The cover also has a nice feel to it. It is leather.  I really like that about it. This is definitely guys bible .I think any young tween and teen guy would love this bible to read God's word. It is slim, light weight and very nice looking.  I also do like the NLT version of the bible and especially for young Christians it could be a great help on opening up the word for better understanding.  I do think this is a great guys bible.  Especially since my husband got to look at it and he gave it a thumbs up.

I got a fee copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Review: Girls Slimline Holy Bible (NLT)

I was so excited to be able to review the girls slim line bible as I have teen girls and thought from a mothers perspective and once when I was a teen had a bible I was stoked.   When I got it in my hands I was able to feel the front cover and it has this nice velvet soft from cover that really does look like a girl teen bible.  When I opened the front cover it had space for you’re to write your name and other information.  I love how the edges of the bible is in the color purple.  I had read scriptures in NLT so I do think it is helpful having this version for a teen.  NLT is great for breaking scripture down to a simpler text and I think this was great for a young girl’s bible considering they will have more questions about the word of God with other versions.  It has the look and feel of a teen /girl’s bible.  It is the perfect size for easy carrying and very convenient to put in your purse or small bag.     It has everything your typical bible has to look up words and scriptures.  It has a concordance, I like how it has themed passages to look up that is teen related as well.  I would have enjoyed it to be more girl teen related like having some sort of topic in between or what could be helpful to a young girls and things they can learn from the books in the bible but I guess there are other bibles for that.  That was the only pain point I had for this bible.  It is if you are looking for a bible that is themed for a girl this is your bible. It is very colorful and your young daughter can go while with highlighting and adding their own personal bible stuff and it would fit right in.  My 14 year actually loves it and she want to have it as her own personal bible. 

I was given a free copy of this book from Tyndale house in exchange for my honest opinion.