Friday, December 4, 2015

Book Review The Atheist Who Didn't Exist

So I got this book really just wondering what was this going to be about and I actually liked it.  I like the twist at not arguing God's existence but rather finding humor, with truths about if in fact he does not, is there meaning?  To life that is!  It actually puts forth much more effort to not believe than believe.  I like that I was able to laugh in this book and also have to take it serious at the same time.  This was actually a pretty genius book. Never read one quite like it but it does remind me of the evidence bible.  This actually was more of a read and points were made. Some which were good points by atheist and some that are just bad that can easily be argued.  I like this because it help us as Christians to be prepared since Atheists are now not hiding, they are very vocal about not believing and we are now the crazy people who believe.  It is always good to see the other side of things with wisdom and humor and know that there is no such thing as not believing, you either believe you believe or believe you don't believe.   I love to read and hear about things that are debated about the Christian faith and I love to be able to provide evidence from scripture. So this one helps me when it comes to certain things that may come up as I did not really know all the known claims of atheist I know a few more and have more knowledge and wisdom concerning it.  I  received this book from Kregel  Publishing for an honest opinion of this book.

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