Friday, August 7, 2015

Let Him Master Your Life

He Want You Master This Life!
God want us to master this life with his help. He want us to overcome what the generation before us could not. He want to break barriers in our life. God does not want to leave us stagnate. He want us to flourish, be strong, brave and have great success. It is wonderful to know that our Father desires us to master this life through His Son Jesus Christ who has already mastered everything we could ever encounter.
I was reading Judges and Joshua and where all the first generation of Israelites had all died ,The new generation of the Israelites had to overcome the same obstacles that their parents had to before them The older generation of Israelites had to cross over the red sea and trust God with their lives, and the newer generation had to cross over the Jordan and trust God. Just because their parents made mistakes, did not trust God. Our Father did not want to just leave them in that mess but he wanted them to master the mistakes and the downfalls of their parents. They did however start off on the same foot,as their parents they did evil in the sight of God, they did not believe, trusted other gods but he wanted them to overcome that silliness!
Maybe you are like that newer generation of Isrealites were. Maybe you are wondering how could you overcome and break generational curses in your life? Maybe you think you can't accomplish anything great or God can't do this or that through you but he can, He will help you master whatever it is the is holding back from the greatness that is on the inside of you. He is the Master after all. If you are willing to completely give it over to your Master and become a true disciple of Jesus Christ He will help you master anything. He will pour out his spirit on YOU! He said in the last days He will pour out his spirit on all flesh. That includes you. If you would like for me to pray for you please message me any details if any or email at
Acts of the Apostles 2:17-21 NLT
‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams. In those days I will pour out my Spirit even on my servants—men and women alike— and they will prophesy. And I will cause wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below— blood and fire and clouds of smoke. The sun will become dark, and the moon will turn blood red before that great and glorious day of the lord arrives. But everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be saved.’

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