Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Waiting Book Blog Review

Starting This Book

The time has come and I have finished The Waiting.  This book is hard to put down once you start reading it.  The first day I started reading it, I ready 88 pages straight an hour before I was to go to work and the next time I picked it up I read from page 88 to 288 and the next day finished the book.  I wanted to post a review as soon as I finished but was so overwhelmed with emotion I had to wait.  This book did so many thing for me so here it goes:

A young girl at the age of 16 goes out to a sewing class pinic back in the late 1920's and gets raped only to to be raped by an older man and them become pregnant.  To avoid spoilers I will get right into my thoughts.  This book was first beautifully written and I love being taken on this journey through this young lady Minka's childhood back in those late 1920's through her young adult hood to her midlife, late life and to see how her life came full circle.  Image being pregnant by your rapest, not knowing your pregnant, and then being sent off while you grow and so you are not shamed for the rest of your life, you give your baby up as you want the baby to have a better life than you.  But first you fall completely in love with your baby and have to give her up and spend decades thinking of her, writing to her and praying to your heavenly Father to see her again before you die and you are now in your 90's and it is a prayer that seems almost impossible.  This book touched me on so many levels and I learned how you first deal with God because that is what you have to do as a child and then as an adult you know him but as time goes, suffering and pain happens, you grow to now desire a personal relationship with him because you need him, he has the answers and the help.  

This book touched me on that level. It taught me of forgiveness, sometimes unforgivness that you don't realize that is there.  It taught me that I am not the only Christian that suffers, and that has dreams, and that pray to God for years and that breakthrough or redemption has not happened just yet.  I learned about God's perfect time with this book the Waiting that Minnie ( Minka) had to wait for.  I learned about how people despite their ugliness play significant roles in our lives.  Minka Worked hard as a young child, had to grow up fast and carried a lost love in her heart for years but did not give up on the authority of God and was willing to yeild to his voice and promptings and as she did the impossible happened...77 years later. 

The story is beautiful, it is uplifting, it inspires, it makes you cry, it brings joy, also laughter.  I fell in love with Minka, and her entire family in this story, everyone had an important part and most of all it is a true story God is incredible, and all I can say is that he is for us and his thoughts about us are good!  

I enjoyed the histroy, going back in a time I have not lived in, I enjoyed the people, the love, the strength, I loved it all.  This is an amazing book and once you start reading it and getting to know Minka you will fall in love with her and be ready to read the book again. I love that the book has so much History and pictures of the families as they reunite and how family doubles in size and just share on common thing....They are family and that the Universe could not keep them separated when they desired so much to know one another. I am so glad that I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Get your copy today it is an amazing book.