Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Resting Your Hope on His Grace

1Peter 1:13 The enemy has so much garbage he dumps on us. Things happen in life that may tempt us to loose hope. To have your mind wonder about things God himself is not even thinking towards you. God is not thinking your going to die soon, that your going to get a deadly disease, or your going to have tragedy strike. What He is thinking is how to extend grace and mercy to you. How he is going to keep you healthy or make you healthy. He is thinking how He is going to protect you and your family. So He is asking us as they had to do in bible days when they had to get somewhere in a hurry they picked up their long robes tied them around their waist so they can maneuver quickly. So he want us to gird up our minds the things we are thinking about, especially when there is a need or a situation. He says to rest our hope fully.

You can quickly gird up something when you know it is important to do so and worth gathering and taking it to a place of hope and security.

God Bless,

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