Friday, March 20, 2015

The Beautiful Truth

I just wanted to share a little truth I found this morning because God has been a Beautiful Truth in my life.  People have failed me, I have been wronged, I have done wrong, but God and his Truth has just been so amazing in my life.  When I try and think of my life without his truth, I feel that I am insane.  But with him I am full of hope and satisfaction! He has been A Beautiful Truth.  You know, Beautiful Awakening Got it's name because When I really found God and all his goodness through the worse of my life, It was truly a Beautiful Awakening. Life happened and Liberty happened in my Soul and that Awakening was so Beautiful.  It was Him that happened to me.  He has been more than any man could ever be for me although I love my Husband very much.  Nothing and no one can compare to who He is and will always be.  Tell your Father how Beautiful He is.  Bless him with your obedience, and your faith.  Bless him with your belief that He can and will be Beautiful!  I hope  this encouragement  makes your day.

-Beautiful Awakening

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