Thursday, September 18, 2014

Operation Handmade Blessings Holiday Outreach 2014



It is that time of year again for Operation Handmade Blessings Annual Holiday Outreach.  As you can see in previous posts on Handmade Blessings site,  we had a great time last year and we are anticipating a great time this year.  Please check out last year's event photos.  The due dates for items to be donated this year is August 18th for those that are sending items by mail.  If you would like to get more info on Operation Handmade Blessing visit  or click the tap at the top of this site that says Operation Handmade Blessings.

This Operation is about giving back to those in the Nursing Homes and in ALF.  As I have a love for crafting and making things I started with the idea of sharing my handmade items with those in the nursing home that I visited with on a weekly basis teaching bible study. Then it turned into making it an entire event and to get others involved that love handmade crafting and then this operation was born.  I am so thankful for all the women all over the world who handmade items each year to give to those in the nursing home because they are always so excited to get their gifts.  I also thank all those who are local and volunteer and donated towards buying things that can benefit them also and for praying for them, spending time with them, performing for them and all the other things that makes this day a success each year. 

This Years event will be on December 20th 2014 2-4pm.  All donates are now through December 18th 2014.  Please check the accepted items list and how to participate if you would like to get involved!  Please e-mail if you have any questions. 

Operations Handmade Blessing!

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