Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where He Goes...You Go

 11x14in Ruth Scripture Quote Illustration by unraveleddesign. This would be great on a wedding entry table or guest book.
Today All I want to give you is to follow God! Never let him out of your sight. No matter what may be going on trust him, decide to make your home with him. He has decided that he will make his home with you if you obey him. Don't push the enemy out. Just as Ruth decided that she was not going to leave Naomi on her own, and that even though everything that caused her to stay near her had gone, she still decided to stay with her and not leave her. We need to take on that same attitute with God. When things are going wrong it is not God that is causing it, so don't leave him, don't give up on him. I am encourged today and want to encourge you to just stick with it. Things will brightem up. Tell God today that where he goes you will go, where he stay you will stay, where he moves you will move. When you do this you can never go wrong. Just as when Ruth stayed with Naomi, stay with God! He is faithful! He loves You and he created you and I do his work. That is why we were created!

God Bless!


  1. Amen Toccara, good word, your readers might also enjoy more about Ruth and Naomi @

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    1. Thanks for the resources. The more we learn and get more insight on those that were before us, the easier this walk will be.