Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year (Year of Manifestation)

 Trust in His timing, Rely on His promises, Wait for His answers, Believe in His miracles, Rejoice in His goodness, Relax in His presence. 
I wanted to just say Happy New Year!  I love brand new years because it gives you a chance to start over, for new beginnings, new blessings, growth, and to put into action the things you learned to do and what not to do.  Each year there has been words that here on Beautiful Awakening we have as our theme for the year.  It is not something I just come up with but I pray and ask God what should my focus be for my Ministry online.  What do you want us to focus on to get better at, to be more productive at.  2 years ago it was the year of opportunity, last year 2013 it was the year of Greatness.  Year of Opportunity was just that. I was provided opportunities to make small changes and to develop.  I did not understand why such small changes but I took it and trusted God.  Last Year it was truly a year of  Greatness.  I grew so much in my prayer life, became great at it simple because I had so much outreach for prayer from those who crossed Beautiful Awakenings Path.  As I spoke greatness things did not always seem so great but I knew God had it in me.  I studied the messages that God gave me to give to you all, I needed them too.  Before 2013 was out what I had been desiring that seemed so far in a distance happened and Greatness was given to me.  It was over two years in the making.  God showed me his greatness and my greatness through him. When you learn to be obedient, trust God and live Holy, he gives greatness.  That is what I was teaching all year.  GREATNESS!  This past year you all may have received your greatness in the areas your were seeking God to move in but this year we have to go deeper.  Yes I know you may have thought that you  received the Greatness and that is it, but no that is not it. You have it now you have to operate in it.  This year is the year of Manifestation. This year we are going to see the presence of God like never before.  Some of you are waiting to see God in his Glory, to see him deliver and breakthrough some chains and bondage's.  Don't panic or give up because God is going to do it.  You want just the little taste of what he has already done for you to Manifest, Grow bigger, stronger, deeper, and more in abundance then this is the year for you. Let's look at the meaning of Manifestation

The basic meaning of this word is ‘to make something visible, or clear, to make something known, to reveal something’.  

 For something to be revealed, or made visible, there must be light, the source of which must be God. Therefore God Manifestation can be briefly described as the enlightenment about God, making Him known or revealing Him in some form.

This year for things that have been unclear for you, things that just have not made sense to you, I believe you  will see.  When you are able to see and realize why the pain, why things have gone the way they have you can being to move and operate in your calling.  Each one of us have been called... You were not only called just to take up a seat in Church but you have been called to  lay hands on the sick, drive out demons, break chains and bondage's. You can only be affective in this once you have seen the Manifestation of the Presence of God.  It is powerful and very effective.  When Jesus left the disciples he told them that soon they will know why things happened the way they did, why he was dying and going back to the father but he was not leaving them completely.  They did not understand.  They believe but did not understand.  They only understood and believed what was going on when the Holy Spirit came down and the presence of God was on them and they started to speak in other tongues.  When this happened the Manifestation of God came down and people believed that had not before,  and thousands were added to the believers that already existed so that they could be even more effective as Christian.  We will get more into this during the year but I wanted to encourage you that at beautiful awakening we are here to walk this faith journey with you, We need the Manifestation just as  much as anyone else and while God is teaching me to teach you, I learn in the process and grow also.  So remember this is the year for you to see the presence of God to be all over you, for him to do the impossible, for your to be enlightened on who he really is and what he is capable of .  He is Great and Mighty!  God Bless you all and Happy 2014!!!!

Luke 5:15-17
But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray. On one of those days, as he was teaching, Pharisees and teachers of the law were sitting there, who had come from every village of Galilee and Judea and from Jerusalem. And the power of the Lord was with him to heal.

God Bless,


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