Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Wayfinding Bible Review

This bible is awesome.  First I love that it is a mapping system for the bible.  Often it is hard to find a fun innovative way to read the bible daily with themes important events, and a lead to the next.  This bible in particular reminds me of a history book.  I love the color codes, the color mapping system and the set up of the key points.  With the Wayfinding bible you get three different types of routes you can take to give you the understanding you need of the bible and the purpose that we use the bible for.  The first Route is the fly over route which is the route I chose to review in a timely manner.  This route gives you great details on the major events like creation the fall, the flood, the Covenant with Abraham.  There is also the direct route that gives more scriptures in detail and gives you about 200 reading scriptures to get a better more deep understanding of the bible.  While the fly over route only gives about 50 readings on the most important events and how they tell one huge story.  Then there is the last route the Scenic Route.  This route gives an in depth study giving you a combination of the other two with more background information and study. 


I want to talk more about the mapping system; each route has a icon and page where you start.  It maps you with an arrow on each page on when you need to go to the next page depending on the route you chose at the beginning of your reading.  It gives you a point at how many reading you have accomplished so far on your route, and what passages to read next.  Once you have done your reading it will tell you where to go.  You may have to skip pages and that is okay, as long as you stay on your route and follow the map.  I actually really love this.   I love that I feel like I am going on a journey even though I am taking either the shorter route or longest I still get all these intros and exploration points and observation points.  On some of the routes you may have to go backward but just stay the course.   I like that if you do stop on a page that is not on your route, you won’t get a reading.  The Wayfinding Bible has done all the guess work out of your bible reading plan. 


I also love about this bible is that everything that it directs you to is in traveling terms. I love that someone had a sense of humor, I use the creative side of my brain a lot this really exercises it!  In the back of the bible it has a section I love called Itinerary which gives you the events you went over and the actual route it is on.  It gives you the scriptures, and page numbers to get to it easily.   It also has a section called Side Trips.  These are topics that we all wonder what the bible has to say about whether it is healing, the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer, about the love of God.  Then points of interest go into more topics like anger, arguments, advice, hope etc.


I really love this bible and have already recommended it to friends and even let them check it out and they have all went out and purchased this bible.  It has so much more that I can’t even go over in this review.  I enjoy every minute that I read it and I love that I find such valuable information that Is useful for so informative. 

I received a free copy of this bible in exchange for my honest opinion of
Here is a link to the Wayfinding Bible Trailer:
I hope you enjoyed this review and go out and get this bible you won't be disappointed :)

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