Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Faith Project I know the Thoughts and Plans

Hello Friends,

One of our key purposes in life is to spread the Word of God to those who may not know Christ. Talking, passing out tracks, and having outreach encounters are all effective methods of evangelism. However, I found that graphic tee shirts may have a greater impact! I know a lot of people are afraid to talk to people.  It is no secret, people LOVE to read what is one other people's tee shirts. The flasher the tee, the more it attracts! You can spread the Word and not utter one single word!

Recently, my brother had a birthday and my sister wanted to design a shirt using his favorite scripture; Jeremiah 29:11. Graffiti tees are really in but the message is still the same! People who read his shirt is getting the Word! They may not accept it in the beginning, but it can spark a conversation which in turn is an opportunity to talk about the Savior!

I hope this project inspired you to implement apparel in your outreach methods.... I know I have!!


Be blessed to be a blessing, Kenya~ 

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