Thursday, October 17, 2013

Friday Faith Project I Know The Lord Is Always With Me



"I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken for He is right beside me." ~Psalm 16:8 (NLT)

One day while surfing Facebook, I came across this post for for Psalm 16:8. It caught my attention so much that I had to grab the image to make a project with it. I printed it out a few times and then backed it with chipboard to make it stronger. I left it alone for awhile waiting for the perfect time to us it. As I had the urge to create and asked the Lord what should I make, this scripture and image came to mind.

There are times when I go to my crafting area and I sit down to make a project that has been dropped in my Spirit and I'm excited to make, that I am faced with a sense of fear. Fear that I don't know what I'm doing, fear that it won't turn out the way it was shown to me, fear that I will just totally mess it up. This usually causes me to think to much about things and then I don't want to continue on with the project, and it will get pushed to the back burner. Even while making this card I had to remind myself, over and over, not to think too much about it - just do it. How fitting this scripture is.

I have never known a time when the Lord wasn't there right beside me. Through all the fearful, uncertain, questionable times in my life He has always been there. Even when I could not feel Him near me or when I thought He wasn't listening to me, or that He just flat out left me, He was there. I have learned to remind myself that when I need Him and don't sense His presence that "I will not be shaken, for I know He is right beside me.

I first married at 23 and was divorced by 28. That was one of the most trying and fearful times of my life. I didn't know what to do nor did I have a clue of how to do it. But each day God showed me who I was and who He wanted me to be. He walked with me through my darkest hours, built and strengthened me when I was at my weakest and most vulnerable. He held me when I was at my lowest and loneliest and was right beside me each night I cried myself to sleep. Through all the pain He transformed me into the stronger, more independent woman that He wanted me to be and prepared me for the man that He wanted me to be joined to.

So even now when I start to doubt myself and become fearful about something I know that He will be there beside me and I need not be shaken but what surrounds me,


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