Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Faith The Lord Bless And Keep

Hi All,
As a child, my Grandmother used to say, "Take the Lord with you everywhere you go!" It took me years to truly understand what she was saying. While He does dwell inside of us, sometimes, it is a simple scripture or saying that will minister to us at that very moment. A sister at my church asked me to make customized a mug for her co-worker to encourage her and to give her well wishes as she was embarking on a new life journey. In essence, she will be able to do just as my Grandmother said because it is a traveling mug!! Since the scripture (Numbers 6:24) is on the mug, she can read it daily (or whenever she uses the mug). The hope is that it will resonate in her spirit and will be a constant reminder of the Word!
I pray you enjoyed today's project! What scripture or saying have you seen that really blessed you in your time of need?

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