Thursday, October 24, 2013

Christian Who? Christian You?

... a simple explanation of the Christian life

The book of Romans talk a lot about being a Christian in action. As a true believe there are certain things that should make you stand out and draw people to you in a good way.  I wanted to just touch on a few things just to remind us of who we are and should be as Christian.  This is something helpful so that we can do a self evaulation to make sure we are being the best that we can be.  Being a Christian is not hard, but it is hard if you desire to live it!

Description of the Christian

  • Presents himself to God  Romans 12:1
  • Receives transformation by a renewed mind. Romans 12:2
  • Has Spiritual Gifts according to Grace from God Romans 12:6-8
  • Honors Civil Law 13:1
  • Love Others 13:8
  • Pursues Peace 14:19
  • Becomes like minded towards others 15:5
The Results of living this way is:

  • Becomes a sacrfice that is living, Holy and pleasing to God 12:1
  • Discovers and displays the will of God 12:2
  • Uses Spiritual gifts as part of Christs Body 12:6
  • Homors God 13:1
  • Fulfill God's law 13:8
  • Serves to edify all 14:19
  • Glorifies God with others 15:6
You should use every part of your being to serve and obey God. He has given so much for you and I and what he intented from the begining of time he was to establish that.  He original plan was to commune with us, to have one one one fellowship with us and to direct our paths and we obey and never persish.  He still feels the same exact way.  Nothing has changed.  Be who he called you to be and nothing less!  Don't just talk about it be about it.  God has equipped us to be successful at this Christian life!

God Bless,


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