Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Faith Project

Hello Everyone!

About two years ago, I was in Hobby Lobby and saw Faith paper made by Paper Studio. I was so happy I found it and knew I was going to use it down the line. I just want to say, I love Hobby Lobby because they do carry items big box stores do not; faith based paper being one of them!

Today, I pulled out my faith paper and decided to get to work. At my church, we give new members a packet. In the packet, there is a small pad and church information. I thought it would be nice to add a little more but keep everything simple and inexpensive.

For the outside, I let the paper speak for itself. The back cover has the same design, but a different cover. On the back, church information will go there.

The inside covers have to accordion pockets. I wanted to allow room for pens, notes and anything else the recipient can fit in them (a mint perhaps). Then there are sheets they can write personal thoughts, scriptures or sermon titles. I know for me, I like to write (or type if I have my tablet) down various scriptures and refer back to them at a later date. According to Proverbs 7:3, we are to write commands on the tablet of our heart. This is so true, but as a new convert, it is good to write the words on paper and meditate on them until they penetrate the heart.

I hope you enjoyed and is inspired by today's project! Be blessed to be a blessing, Kenya~


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