Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Are You Ordained To Do?

Walk in your Calling

Lately I have really just been wanting to have the women of God seek God for what they should be doing for him.  As young women are really living the faith of their parents they don't know what it is to have their own faith because most of what they are doing for  God is because their parents are telling them what to do.  This is not a bad thing but as we grow, move out and get our own lives you now are faced with having your own faith and developing your own relationship with God.  When I was a young adult moving out on my own this was hard for me.  Because I thought I had to do whatever others did.  I thought I had to be in church all day like other family members, do certain things the way they did, pray the way they did, praise and worship the way they did and this was totally frustrating. I did not feel that I had my own personal relationship with God or my own personal anything with him and it left me in a state of just being angry most of the time.  I desired so badly to be really close to God but I was not feeling what I was doing.  It seemed all so wrong.  Until one day I decided to seek God one on one for myself and my life.  Consult and spend time with him based on my own personal needs and desires.  I started journaling.  I bought a really nice journal called Converstations with God from a church I was attending and I begin to really understand how to have my own personal relationship with God.  I begin to tell him my desires, my needs, my wants, my dislikes, and he being to help me do what I needed to do to get positioned and planted in my own relationship with him.  My relationship began to grow and just flourish.  The reason I am posting today is to find whatever it is that you are desiring to do seek God on it and just walk in it.  I never thought that I would be a Ordained Bible teacher and Minister, teaching in nursing homes and at church.  I had no idea that I would have a Charity for the elderly and the gift of crafting that God gave me to do I will use it for his Glory and blessing the Elderly who live in Nursing Homes and have women from all over the world helping me.  I never thought  I would have created an online Ministry that bless so many people all over the world.  Never would I have thought that I would be doing this and getting so much joy out of it.  It all started with seeking God and finding my own space in God's World.   You are not going to pray like everyone else, serve the same like everyone else, spend the same amount of time that others spend with God, or spend it the same way as others but you do what works for you.  As long as God is pleased and it is in what you know the word says do it.  you are your own individual person and don't let the work someone else is  doing make you fearful to do anything.  What someone else is doing may not be what he has for  you.   How great is it for you to do what you are called to do than to do a bunch of things you are not called to do.  Yes you are doing much work but is it what  you are called to do.  Take time aside and ask God what is it that he called you specifically called to do.  Each one of us have our own calling from God.  I just thought I would share this little message that may help someone today. 

Note*  From Beautiful Awakening: I was Ordained by my Pastor in my Local Church as a Minister and Bible Teacher where I have received my Ordination through.  We are getting comments on this link for people to get Ordained Online which I do not know who these individuals are, nor do I have an affiliation with them   I am not promoting them and what they are encouraging.  I am not encouraging anyone to get  what they are calling it Get Ordained Online Certificate".  I got Ordained through years of committed Service in my local Church and Operated in the gifts that I am now doing which is Teaching the Word of God.  I have been deleting the posts that seem to be making comments to the postings but they are also adding links to a site to pay a lot of money for an Ordination Certificate without these individuals knowing if what gift  you have  to receive an Ordination in a specific area, and they are charging money for a certificate you can get  through your local Ministry. Getting Ordained is not about just a paper but it is really who you are as I dicuss in the message above.  Please do not click on any links as I do not post link resources in my comments section I post them in the main posts of my site.  Most resouces I post are free like free bible classes and freeWhen I click on the individuals who are posting this information in my comments section they have no other site activities, and or information about themselves.  Also other information is marked private on pages.  Please use caution when clicking on these links as they are not from Beautiful Awakening Ministries.  I may not catch a comment they post and I want you all to be aware.  Also I do get e-mail notification of all comments that come through so this is how I am finding the info so fast.  If it continues I may Moderate the comments meaning I will see them first before they come to you and delete anything  that does not fit to protect my members and visitors.  Thanks, Toccara

God Bless

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