Friday, August 16, 2013

Faithbooking Friday

I wanted to talk about a new part of beautiful awakening.  We will be having Fridays to showcase crafting using the gift God gave us.  I'm really excited!  Our first project  is  by Kenya.  She is a new edition to Beautiful Awakening and I am really excited about the blessing and inspiration that will come through her projects.  Here is a little about.

Hello Everyone,

I would like to give you a little background on the significance of the project. Some years ago I became pregnant but miscarried. I was told I would never be able to carry children unless I had surgery. I were ok with that. I figured I would just travel the world and do what God called me to do. Years later, after I getting married, I became pregnant. I miscarried again. The second time hurt more than the first However, my husband and I said if God wanted us to have children then it would happen. A year later, I experienced some pain and went to the ER after leaving work. There I discovered I was pregnant again. They did an ultra sound and I was able to see a little figure on the screen. The dr. informed me I was in the beginning stages of a miscarriage. He then said he could give me something that could terminate the pregnancy. It was my decision. He proceeded to say, no matter what, miscarriage was inevitable. I can do it now, or prolong it. He said he would give me a few minutes to make my decision and then the dr. then left the room.

I laid there with a thousand thoughts going through my head. I just saw my baby on the screen with a heartbeat but then....I contemplated calling my husband as he had no idea where I was. Then I heard the Holy Spirit say talk to me. I began to pray. I remember saying Lord, let Your will be done! I had such a peace come over me. The dr. opened the door and said, "Well?" I told the dr., "IF this is going to happen, I am going to let it happen naturally!" He was shocked at the strength of IF. He chuckled a bit and said ok, I'll see you in a few days then. I said I don't think you will but OK. He gave me my discharge papers and I went on my way.

Well that was ten years ago this month! I am proud to say not only did I carry my child full term, I had three more to follow! When man says no, God can say YES!! It is all about His timing! I did not have the surgery the original dr. said I needed in order to carry full term!

This digital layout is of my baby girl and my father-in-law meeting for the first time. I can't help but get goose bumps when looking at it after living through my story! I pray my experience was a blessing to you! Remember God can do all things. Man does not have the final say so, but God does. Be encouraged, Kenya~



  1. With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible! That is the scripture that comes to mind when I see this. God is amazing in all his ways. I know my God is real. Thanks for sharing your story. So many women are save with this and through you sharing what God has done for you can change and charge women to just start praying and trusting God.

  2. This is so beautiful, encouraging, hopeful, and a testament to the Wonder and awesomeness of our God!

  3. Thank you so much ladies!!! Our God is awesome!

  4. What an awesome testimony to the grace and mercy of God!