Sunday, August 11, 2013

Faith Projects and Summer Splash Outreach Handmade Blessings

I am really excited about this because I am a scrap booker and love creating.  God really gave me the gift of crafting and using my hands and for a long time I wanted to know how God can really use me for his Glory with this gift.  I have been paper crafting and crafting for a really long time and tried all avenues with my gift, selling my items and that is still fun and nice to see people buy and are interested in items you make with your hands but God really pushed me to action when he gave me the idea to use my gift of creating to serve his people.  Those who are in need of a little blessing.  That is when Operation Handmade Blessing was born.   So for a long time I wanted to share faith based crafting projects here on Beautiful Awakening with those who come and visit here for inspiration with the Word of God but can also be inspired with another gift he gave me.  I wanted to bring other Women who are talented and have really used their gift of crafting to Glorify God.  I put a call out for it and got a response so soon you will have faith based crafting Projects twice a month here on Beautiful. Projects will always be posted on a Friday!  You can comment on the creations posted and ask questions and just be inspired.  I am really excited!  I can't wait to share with you a new edition to my Ministry that will be blessing us with these projects.  Stayed Tuned for more to come on that....

Other news,  Beautiful Awakening outreach Mission Operation Handmade Blessing had a wonderful successful time at the Nursing Home Summer Splash.  the residence had a wonderful time.  Thanks to everyone who showed up from my local Church Home People of Hope Ministries!  Also to one of my Co-Workers who gave her time and great efforts to assist us.  Here are some pictures from the event.  Enjoy and God Bless,


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