Monday, August 12, 2013

New Book So long Insecurity " Teen Edition"

So Long, Insecurity: Teen Edition  -     
        By: Beth Moore, Susan Weibel

I have a new read to review about.  This is a book that is for teens and moms.  I first choose this book because I have Girls that are in their tween and I thought this would be great to get some insight on what teen moms go through.  I do remember being a teen but times have changed and that I am a Christian Woman, I want to know how to handle these issues with teens biblical and help my daughter know how to handle teen issues and life questions biblical.  Let me tell you Praise to Beth Moore for this,  I was totally amazed with the cover first of all.  It was bold just an exact representation of teens today.  I like that they are all dressing Modest and that caught my interest. What I love about the inside is that it is full of information and it models and magazine format.  It touched on so many issue and teen discussion and gave areas for teens to really reflect.  I love the area that they had dressing Modest and they gave examples with real teens on what is modest and what is not.  It also gave questions on how teens are trying to fit in and really  hone in on teen reflection.  This is something I wish I had as a teen.  I love that everything is biblical.  This books shows teens how to effectively handle situations and lessons with the word of God.   Included here are small lessons on Women in the bible to help you identify with those women in the bible. 

Visually this book is amazing.  I love how the inside of each page is visually appealing to teens.  It is not boring and dull it is full of life.  The name of the book really deserves the name because it talks to teens about how boys look at them when they are acting and behaving a certain way.  Some of the images that they have during each chapter reflects teens loving God no matter their life style and what activity they are performing.  

If are looking for a way to address teen issues with God's love and his standards this is the book for you.  My girls loved the book and it is something they can read over and over.  It helps you as a mom discuss those topics and really use the time to pick their brains on what they feel about different subjects like Boys, Modesty, loving yourself, school, beauty.  Beauty was one of my favorites because it gives your scriptures with teen topics on what really make you beautiful on the inside.  This book is overall the best things for teens I have found.  I have had different free down loadable lesson and topics I found on different websites to help me start certain conversations with my kids but this book it a one stop shop to get a really good picture about teens.  The icing on the cake it, has stories from teens that have a relationship with God and how they deal with everyday life.  I want to say more but you will just have to purchase this yourself.  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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