Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Reading Plan

This Summer:)

So It is summer for most of us, where our children are now out of school for the year, they are moving on to the next grade and now the fun begins.  I love the summer time because I get to sleep in a little, I get to have a new routine for awhile and for me lots of reading.  I love books, and reading.  I love to just sit outside during the cooler parts of the day and read books.  I have my Kindle fire that is just the right size of a small book that I can just wrap a small blanket around me and watch the kids play and read.  There are so many ways to get into reading, you can join a book club and read along with a group.  Body and Soul Publishing is a great one because I get to read along with Christian Title, both fiction and Non Fiction.  You can also join and blog for a publishing company.  Right now I blog for Tyndale Publishing and get free Christian book title for my honest review and opinion on the read.  They also have a summer program to earn free books!  So there are Lot's of ways to get into reading.  Also #1 there is the bible.  This should already be apart of a Christians daily life but if it is not then, this summer is a great time to start.  A lot of people may advise you to start by committing to reading the bible in a year and follow that plan.  That never worked for me.  I started it and within a month I was no longer following it.  I did not get fulfillment reading that way.  The commitment I did challenge myself to and still do is reading on those top topics I have questions about that I have not got answers to.  This will keep you following the plan because you are reading what interest you and it will prompt you to read more.  Think about all the questions you have about God and about things in your life that you want God to show you answers too?  Here is how to get started on this type of reading plan:

1.  Find you a great Christian Fiction read or an interesting read that is appropriate
2.  Write a list of things that you want to learn about God or questions you have that need answers to.
3.  Once you have your list go to your concordance in the bible and it will give your scriptures on that topic.  Write down all the scriptures that are listed for the topic you chose.  If you are using the Internet to search you probably will be sent to a site that will talk about that topic and give scriptures.  Sort of like this site:)
4. Spend time reading those scriptures and think about how you can apply them to your current situation (s). Meditate on the scriptures and just pray about what you have read.  The more you do this daily the more interesting the bible will get because you are reading things that affects your life, your day to day.
5.  After reading your bible scriptures and you still want to read or you want to read something different pick up that Christian Fiction book you picked out or other interesting appropriate read and enjoy a great read!

Those are some basic Summer Reading Plans and I hope they are useful to you.  Let me know if you have any questions or need any additional help.  I have some information on different sites for books, Bible topical reading material and more.  Just send an e-mail to  Happy Summer Reading!!!!!!

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