Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beautiful Awakening Site Info

I wanted to let everyone know that they can follow by email to Beautiful Awakening!  This is exciting because instead of joining the site and having to create an account just to follow you can simply just put in your e-mail address in the follow by e-mail box and go through the security code and each time I post a new message you will get notification and will see the message in your e-mail.  That way if you are looking for the inspiration and can't get to the site right then you can at least check your e-mail.  We still want to see you all stop by the site.  I have updated our look.  It is summer and this is the great time for reading and digging deeper so  that inspired the new look.  I hope everyone is enjoying the new look.  I have also added some new inspiration quotes and saying to just uplift you!   I hope you enjoy all that this site has to offer.  I really seek God on these topics and messages I teach here.  I am really blessed to have a gift from God to be able to seek him concerning my online ministry and to open up my personal experiences.  I really encourage all who have any gifts to check out the "Be Beautiful" tab.  That tab you is for those that have gifts that they would like to share here.  Are you great with poetry, encouraging, praying for others, A awesome Testimony, do you faith book, please I want to hear from you.  Don't be afraid and visit the Be Beautiful tab!  Also for those that are sending in those prayer request I have prayed for you and are still praying for you.  I take time just to lift you up in prayer and I keep you in continued prayer.  So when you e-mail Beautiful Awakening for prayer request and your prayer get answered please let us know!  It is great to know how God is working in your life because I know that he is faithful and he will never leave us nor forsake us.   I will be adding more to the site and more resources that I find and come into.  Soon There will be a large list of scriptures with topics so if you are having trouble with an area you will know what scriptures to go to.  It helps me and I am sure it will help you!  Take some time to check out the site and just look around.  Let me know if you have any questions.  To all the Fathers that may pass through the site, enjoy your day and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!  Chose today if you have not already to get to know the best father all of us could have by praying, accepting, and getting to know and then living it.   


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