Sunday, May 12, 2013

Clinging to God Like Little Children

Mark 10:15 NIV

Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter.

God want is to cling to him like children cling to their parents.  God want is to receive the things of him like we need it, depend on it and can't live without unconditionally loving him, and trusting in his plans for us.  My youngest daughter and I send a lot of time together when I get home when I am washing her up and getting her ready for bed.  My 6 year old talk, talk, talk the entire time and I spend 10-12 minutes answering her questions.  So after all her questions she asked me Mommy will you still be able to move around like you do now when you get old.  I told her baby I will still be able to move around and help you. She then said Mommy I love you!  I told her I love her too, and then she said mommy, you know wherever you go, I'm going too.  I'm never going to leave you.  In that moment of my daughter pouring out her true feelings for me God Spoke to me. He said This is how I want you and the rest of my saints to depend on me.  I want you to have that same mindset that wherever I want to take you, you will go, and never leave me. If you do that I will never leave you.  he said Trust me as your father enough to want to follow me wherever I go.

We are the children and God is the father ( the parent).  We should long to depend on and trust in him as our only holy for survival and any type of future.  We have to remind ourselves that without God we can't do anything for him.  That the only reason we have any success is because of his grace alone.


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