Sunday, December 2, 2012

Help Finalize Operation Handmade Blessing Holiday Outreach

As the time is approaching for Operation Handmade Blessing to have it's Holiday edition, we are so excited.  When I put the announcement that I was collecting items again for a second time, the responses were great!  I have people all over the world that wanted to help and were just as excited as I am.  There were people that do not make handmade items that contacted me but wanted to help so they have donated items to Operation Handmade Blessing.  I want to thank all that have been sending in items and those that are still in the process of shipping items out.  It means so much to me that their are people sharing my passion for the elderly and are taking action!  You are truly a blessing.  I am forever blessed by your generosity.  I wanted to speak to those that may want to help but do not handmake items.  There is still time to help.  Right now in the final stages I am still needing gift bags, to put the items in, a few cards, wrapping paper, tissue paper, some cards, and puzzle books since they love to do word searches.  Usually I come out of pocket for these items but this year we are giving out so much more that I would love the help of those that can.  There is a donation button on my side panel through paypal.  Your gifts in any amount will help with the final stages.  I am needing a donation of 50.00 by December 18th.  Thank you so much in advance for your donation. 

Note: To donate  please see top of side bar on the rightand choose the Operation Handmade Blessing dontate button

If you are looking to Participate we are going on December 22nd 2:00pm to the distribution site.  I am so excited and hope to see you there.

God Bless,


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