Saturday, October 27, 2012

Joyce Meyer Conference 2012 Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Ones

I had such a wonderful time at the Joyce Meyer Conference 2012 here in Tampa, Fl. last night  I had an awesome time.  I was excited the moment I heard she was coming here and It was worth all the waiting.  The message was Making Good Habits and Breaking Bad ones.  Such practical teaching and I was excited because God has gifted me in the area of teaching and I believe that I have learned so much from her practical teaching and have been able to grow.   The worship was awesome by Fuse!  They are such a great band and worship group.   Running to your arms, Your Grace is enough so many more songs by them.   The three habits we learned about was
1. Habit of Excellence how to operate in excellence.  She gave such practical teaching on this one!  I laughed and thought to myself these things are so true but are things we much change in order for the big things to change in our lives we must start with the little things, like putting your shopping cart back where they go, and putting the things you decide not to buy back in the proper place rather than leaving bread with deodorant is leaving a mess for someone else to pick up. 
2. Habit of being responsible.  Not making excuses all the time and take responsibility, and take ownership for our actions.  That we should stop blaming everyone else and it keeps us in bondage when we do not take responsibility!
3. Habit of  generosity.  We should love to give and give freely.  Even when you think someone may not need it if it is on your heart to give, give and not debate with yourself about it.   If you take care of God's business he will take care of yours.  Think of all the things we get back when we are generous.  We are healed when we are generous.

I learned so much and had a 2-3 pages of notes.   Please be on the look out for Joyce's Conferences in your area.  You will have an awesome night or weekend that you will not forget!  Here are some quotes from Joyce last night.

Excellence does not mean perfect but to give God our best
2peter 1:3
2 Corinthians 5:20
Taking what you have and doing the very best you can with it. Philippians 1:10
Stop living for people!
Colossians 3:23-24
Follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

God Keeps his word so we should keep our word.  God Promotes excellent people. 
If you can keep a commitment let someone know that you mis managed your time or that you can't do it.  Don't just ignore it like it is not there.

Excuse is the reason not to be responsible
1 timothy 5:4
Stop praying and asking God to do things for people that you can do yourself.

Stop letting the enemy do your thinking.

Matthew 5:6 scripture also was one given out at the meeting.

Here are some images from the Live Worship with FUSE!!!!!!! They were great!

I worshiped God and just love how I got to spend time on a Friday night with God With a room full of believers. 

Here is Joyce preparing for the teaching.

 What makes these conferences worth it was that so many people stood up and gave their life to God and now are in the family of God!  That is what is most important out of everything we do for him  Souls being saved!  I hope you enjoyed my recap of last night's event and I pray that when she is in your town or city you will be able to make it.  This is my second one and they are great each time.

God Bless,

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