Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween or No Halloween?

Since the month of October came in and Halloween is the topic of the month, a lot of people ask that question do you celebrate Halloween?  Why or Why Not are the questions.  If you are trying to figure out what you really think about Halloween as a christian.  I found a great resources with stories and opinions of those that are Christians of why they may celebrate.  Also for those that may come across this site and wonder why Christian choose to not celebrate, you can get some insight.  It gives the history of Halloween the Orgin of it, and about some other things about what is celebrated by some on this date.  I thought this was great and I am glad I am a member of many different resources that I can provide for you all.  I recommend having a cup of hot tea or cocoa and just read over some of this info and stories.  Even if you don't agree with some of them, it is great information.  I hope you enjoy and please leave any comments for discussion if you have any.

As for me and my family I like to take the kids to the local church to a fall festival.  They play bible games, hear bible stories, hear christian music, along with Food, cotton candy, snow cones, bounce houses pictures and most of what kids love Candy.  Some kids do dress in costumes that are not scary but my family does not.  We go and enjoy a safe night of fun with activities centered around God.  I get excited each year this time and it is our alternative.  My thoughts are for you to pray and ask God what to do concerning this time of the year.  God will not steer you wrong.  Have a great Evening.

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