Saturday, August 11, 2012

Your Focus; Your Eyes

My eyes are ever towards the lord, for he shall pluck my feet out from the net.
Psalm 25:15

Have you ever felt entangled where you were just only focused on the the situation you were in and not focused really on what you need to do to get out? Your thinking only on what is going to happen now that this is going on all those thoughts are negative . But the Bible tells us that if our eyes are ever towards him, he will pluck our feet out of the net. God can take away ever fear if we let him. He does not mind helping if we just keep our eyes on him. Just thoughts of him can take away worry and fears. I know it can! When worry tries to fill my mind and heart I just fill my mouth with his word and I speak it, so that it goes down in my heart. When I speak what thus said the lord, I am now totally fixed on him. I am now exchanging worry and fear with his truths. Today what will you do the next time your in the net?

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