Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year ( The Year of Opportunity) 2012

As we approach a brand new year I would like for you to reflect on 2011? What are some of the things that you accomplished. What are some of the things you wanted to accomplish but did not. I try to make sure I do a self check daily to make sure for one that I am always in alignment with God and that I am being the best me that I can be. As we are all humans there is something that we can fix and make better everyday. Make sure you are making the right decisions were you are spending your new year, who you are spending it with and what you are doing. This is a time to be thankful to God that a whole year had passed and everything that we went through did not kill us but it made us stronger to face another year. Don't let what you let keep you from God in 2011 keep from in in 2012. Don't let the same mistakes take over your future. Don't let your past hurts keep you from loving in 2012. It would have been so easy to sit here a give a teaching but I want to just speak from the things that I am focusing on when this new year within myself. When I look over this year and see all that God has done I become glad. I being to rejoice that I overcame because he was with me. I made it though all because of him. I know that I am nothing without him. I know that I have been forever changed since 2010 because of his grace and mercy. I am not excited about all the things you do for new years like hang out with the family, get a couple of days off of work, eat some good food, or attend a great gathering but I am excited because I have God to carry me into another year, I have him to thank for all that he has done for me all year and that there is none like him. Do a self check and see what you can do better, how in 2012v you can spend more time with God, how you can be more of a servant to him. How you can learn to trust him more. With everything you do put your trust in God! have enough faith to believe him for year 2012. This year is the year of Opportunity!

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