Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christ Invitation Bible Study Lesson

Today I would like to share a scripture with you and talk about it a little bit.  We all know that Christ invites us to come and accept him as our Lord and Savior but I want to talk about the invitation to continually depend on him and trust in him.  We have to accept the invitation to not just come to him  When you are going through something you have to reach out to the one who invited you to come to him and give his the issues that concern you.

Matthew 11:28 
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

He is telling us to give him our burdens and our problems.  If we are weary and heaven burdened he says come to me.  We have to start accepting this invitation.  He is begging us to come and depend on him.

While we are seeking him for only stuff he is telling us to come to me so I can strengthen you in me to do more for me.  To be a better servant to be a better minister, teacher, leader, praise singer or dancer whatever gift he has given you he wants you to seek him for it.  We have to stop seeking him for the small stuff. oh I need a bill paid, oh my husband is acting up.  The children want these name brand shoes and I can't afford it can you help me God?  This is stuff that he want to make sure we have but we can't make these things  the only time we are coming to him.
In the book of John he told the rich man to give up all his riches and follow him.  The rich young man went off mad because he did not want to give up his stuff.  Get rid of all the baggage the possessions and God will give you the rest he promised.

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