Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When he Arrives

Today most of the United States of Americal celebrated the fouth of July.  Today was a great day not because of any holiday but because I got to spend time with my family.  The kids got to hang out with me because I have been working, and we got to do something fun.  Out of the blue my husband said to me let's take a ride.  So I stopped what I was doing and we found a great place not far from the house that had professional fireworks.  It was so amazing.  There were dozens of families out there with their seats, towel and sitting on the hood of their cars watching the fireworks.  While I was watching sometime during the show I thought about God.  I thought about the lights how they lit up the sky, and how beautiful it was.  I thought about when Jesus comes back.  I thought about how amazing his glorious light will shine in the sky, how he will come with the sound of a trumpet.  As each bang came and the Sky lit up with light, I thought of his Glorious Appearing.  I started just basking in his presence.

All the people will be watching looking up in the sky wondering where they wonderful light is coming from.  They will look up and see our Lord and Savior Arriving.  The fireworks were all the more beautiful because I was able to see God in it.

Hope your Holiday was filled with joy and that you were able to enjoy time with your family and time to think about what this day means to you and for others around you. 

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