Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Poem From The Heart

I have been asking those that I know love God to share their gifts and talents that he has given them.  This one person that I am about to share with you is a wonderful Woman.  I have know her for about two years.   We have never met in person but we met when we  were designers on the same scrapbooking site and then moved to another scrapbooking site that was called Christian Crafters were our layouts and creations were based on God and his precious son.  I have learned that she is a very talented poet.  She writes these wonderful poems that uplift me heart.  I love her because she Loves Christ and is not defined by what the world says that makes you a Christian but what the bible says about what makes you a Christian.  I love that because with myself I do what the bible teaches and I try to stay away from what man says.  you have to know to go to your word and make sure what someone is telling you are the same standard that are in the Book.  So I hope that Devonne does not mind me talking about her so much but she is wonderful and she is an inspiration to me because She is one of those that say I am not my hair I am not my skin but I am who God says I am.  So here is one of the many great poems that she has given me to display on Beautiful Awakening and I am sure that it will bless someone.  I am not going to comment after the poem but i want it to minister to you however it will.  Here is a poem from Devonne Morgan!!!

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