Wednesday, June 29, 2011

God's Grace

Last Thursday I did a teaching at the nursing home about God's grace.  I think sometimes we forget about God's grace or how important it is.  Do you even know what his grace means on our lives. 

Grace is basically undeserved favor of God.  As Christians most of us know that all that God has already given us we do not deserve it.  When we deserved death he gave us life.  While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Romans 5:8.  This is so awesome because While we were still in our mess God decided to still save us anyway.  I like to always think of when Jesus went to the cross for you and I.  We know that he knew all things while he was here and he knew that so many would reject him and not believe that he was the Son Of Man but he still went to the cross for those also.  That is pure Love.  He did not have to do what he did but he did.  God shows he grace to us each day we wake up.  It was by his grace that we see each day that we see.  It is by his grace that we are able to serve him without feeling guilt of what we have done in out past.  It is by his grace and his grace alone. His grace bought upon salvation.  We are saved by Grace.  Ephesians 2:8.  Does not matter how many days a week you go to church, how many bible tracks you give out, how many times a day you pray but by his grace alone you are saved.  Throughout the bible you can see God's grace in each situation but today I would like to look at the Israelites.  

The Israelites were a people that God showed his Grace upon.   These were a people that God showed Undeserved favor upon.  They did not believe in him, they did not pray to God, they had nothing to do with God but he decided to chose these people as a nation that he would make Abram a father of.  He promised Abram and he did not turn away from that promise.   How familiar that sound?  think of how long you were an unbeliever and God still showed his Grace.  Just look back on what he has already done and the amount of Grace he has shown your from the time you were young until now.

How did God show his Grace upon these people?  He delivered them from Pharaoh, He protected the first born Sons of the Israelites, he protected them at the red sea from Pharaoh's army, he provided manna from heaven for them to eat, they were provided by the Egyptians goods for them and their families.   God showed all this Grace to them and they still murmured and complained.  How many times have we murmured and complained even when God's grace is being active right then and there in our lives.  He gave them everything they needed to survive but it was not how they wanted it to be so they were still unhappy.  Why what God has already done in out lives never enough?  Ask yourself that question today.  Why is it that from the time I was young until today I can see how much grace God has shown me yet I still mummer and complain?  Even in our murmuring and  complaining God Grace abounds even more.  The bible says in Romans 5:20-21 where sin abounds grace abounds even more.  How much love is that?  The more the Israelites complained the more God did for them.  Think of the shoes.  They walked that desert for 40 years and their shoes did not wear out.  That is Grace right there.  You are wearing shoes daily walking around a huge desert and you were still taken care of.  That is how God does us today.  He takes care of us year after year while he waits for us to trust him more, serve him more,  study his word more, pray to him more, honor him more....

Today let's see God's Grace in our lives.  Let's reflect on what he has already done for us.  2 Cor 12:9 states that his grace is sufficient enough.  His Grace alone is enough why because his grace brought his precious son to the cross for you and I.

Prayer:  God I thank you for your Grace.  I thank you that your Grace is sufficient enough for me.  Please help me to see your grace in my life.  If you did not do another thing for me I am happy with what you have already done for me in my life.  Help me to understand your grace and how free of a gift it is.  Thank you for not giving me what I deserve but for giving me according to the potential that is in me as a servant.  I love you with all of my heart.  Bless me with your Grace tonight.  It renews every morning and I receive it.  In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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