Monday, May 23, 2011

Forget The Past...How long will you stay there

This is a very important scripture I want to share with you all today.  I think this is a very important scripture and message that I want you to be aware of.

The Lord said to Samuel, "How long will you mourn for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel?  Fill your horn with oil and be on your way; 1Samuel 16:1

God was asking Samuel how long was he going to stay stuck in the past.  We know the story that Saul was king and that he did not do very well at it.  He was disobedient to God and to his position.  Afterwhile God rejected him and had chosen someone else later known as David. Samuel had to tell Saul to his face that God has rejected you, because of your disobedience, and God has someone better and more capable than you. Saul begged Samuel to go back with him but Samuel had refused too. 1Samuel 15: 24-26.  Samuel eventually went with him to worship God but he still told him you have been rejected.

While Samuel was mourning over Saul being rejected God was Grieved that he had made Saul king over Israel.

We need to move on from our past.  how many of us are still Mourning over the past.  Past relationship that we wanted to work out and keep telling ourselves was there more I could have done?  Past decisions that we have made.  We can't continue to allow our past to determine our future.  We cannot continue to let our past stop us from living Holy lives.  If you were not aware your past can keep you from living Holy.  We must live Holy to please God. The word of God says be Holy for I am Holy. 1Peter 1:16.  

God had work for Samuel to do, he had to go and find the next king that God had chosen.  But his mourning had delayed that.  Each minute we spend in our past it is delaying our future. Delaying the Plans that God has upon our lives.  Israel needed David but it was dependent upon Samuel letting Go of his past, past conversations, past, actions, past relationships.   Samuel let the words that were coming out of Saul's mouth keep him in a state of Mourning for too long.  Do let small things like that stop you for working and contributing to the kingdom of God.  Fill your horn with oil and be on your way!  God told him I understand your sadness but you have work to do.  Ladies we need to fill ourselves with the Word of God and be on our way.  I know our loved ones have rejected us, that they are in a state of disobedience to God but we have to fill ourselves with the Word, pray for them and be on our way.  We can't stay stuck like they are.  We have to choose life! Choose Holiness.  Chose to be in alignment with God and his word.  We are the salt of the world.  God is telling us that we have a great work to do.  There are others that need us not just that one group of people.  Yes we can have our time where we are Mourning because we are desiring the salvation of our loved ones but that should put us in a state of prayer, trust, and Holiness because If we continue to live holy lives then we have the promises of God for those who trust and believe in him.  We can't say that we are children of God and we are Mourning things for too long.  We have to be able to show unbelievers God's goodness, his grace, his mercy, and how he forgives and restore.  The only way we can do that is fill our horns and be on our way.  The ending is eventually Samuel did what God said to do and if you continue to read the story throughout this book you will enjoy it.  I recommend you do so.

God Bless


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