Saturday, April 9, 2011

With all your Might

For those of you who do not know about Operation Handmade blessing I would love to tell you a bit about it.  God gave me a vision to start an mission to help the needy in nursing homes and ALF's.  Since God has given me the gift of Crafting as well as teaching the word I am always seeking God to help me use every part of my being for his glory.  He gave me a vision to make items and get all the crafters that I could to make items by hand and give back to those in the nursing homes.  to learn more please visit  I got such a great response and myself along with my partners are making items like cards, bookmarks, shirt pins, hair bows, altered boxes, bracelets, earrings, crochette hats and much more.  I have received packages and have been able to give to give to 10 people so far!   I want to be able to be a blessing while i am here on earth.  I want to be able to do the work of the Lord. 

Today I choose to talk about Operation Handmade Blessings because I wanted to leave you with a very important scripture.  Ecclesiates 9:10  Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

When I first learned of this scripture is was about 7 or 8 years ago when I just had started wanting to do crafting to make money.  I was a scrapping for fun, making layouts of my daughter but when I found other projects that I can do to possible make some cash I was excited and I wanted God to bless it.  I was excited and wanted this to make money.  After praying about it and studying the bible, I came across this scripture.  I surely thought that this was a sign that this is what I was to do and I was going to make money.  That was not the case.  I made a few dollars here and there but nothing to actually do anything with.  I did get discouraged but I never ever forgot this scripture.  throughout the years I have ventured out into different elements of crafting and have found a way to make money and have got better at my craft.  I now sell items and make money off of the things I create.  But that Is not the best part.  The best part is that as I never forgot this scripture when I did anything new within the realm of crafting I did it with all my power!  Today I know why that scripture was so dear to me, not because I now make money from my crafts but because of Operation Handmade Blessings.  God have provided a way for me to use my gift for his glory and I have the knowledge of how to operate in it.  I now know that although God desires for me to profit from my labor, he first want me to do it with all my might, whether getting paid or not.  Whatever our hands find to do he want us to love it! love it for even if we are not getting paid with money we will do it anyway and with the same intergity and might just as if we were.

That is the love I have for Operation Handmade Blessings.  I am not getting paid with money but I am belssing someone else.  I am helping someone.  When we leave this world we will not be able to do any of the thing we do or love.  In the grave none of what goes on here goes on there so this scripture encourages us to do whatever it is we find our hands to do, to do it with all our power or might.  If you are sitting on a dream, a gift, a big plan consider this scripture and get moving.  For 7 years I have wondered why i was given this gift and now I truly know why God gave me this gift.  Not to make money but to bless others.  I believe that he gave this Job to me because I honored his word and did what i found my hands to do, I did it with all my power/might!  He will give you what your heart desires just show him you appreciate the gift buy using it because time is ticking and one day it will be over for that gift, that dream, that idea.

God Bless!


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