Sunday, March 13, 2011

Operation Handmade Blessings

Hello to everyone! I pray that your weekend is going well.  I also hope that each of you have had a chance to pray for those in Japan and keep them lifted in your thoughts.  May God send those who are able to meet their needs in each and every area give them whatever they need to make it to them and to aid and assist them.

I wanted to share something that God has placed in my heart to do.  Before all these things went on in Japan god spoke to me about doing more for the people I am serving through Nursing Home Ministry.  He has place Operation Handmade Blessings in my path and I am going to follow his desires.  Some know that God has given me the gift of Crafting and scrapbooking. God spoke to me and told me I should start a operation where Myself and other crafters around the world make handmade items that will benefit the elderly who live in ALF's and Nursing Homes.  We will them every three months distribute item to the homes to bless them with joy, happiness, and little gifts from the hearts of those who created them.  We are taking your handmade donations : Cards, hannd made bookmarks, mini albums, paperbag albums, shirt pins, decorated and handmade hair pins and bows, crochet hats, socks, slippers, beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and much more.  I am so excited about this because I get to use the gift my Heavenly Father gave me and give back into the community and put smiles on the faces of people who are sometimes lonely, don't have family to visit, miss home and having things they normally would have.  In some cases we are their family and that is totally fine with me.  Please visit my site I created for this operation and it has all the information there for you. Operation Handmade Blessings

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