Monday, March 7, 2011

Human Trafficking (Breaks The Heart Of God)!

I would love to share with you today about something that is so hurting and sadly a problem that has struct the world all over.  Sunday at my church a ministry founded by Pastor Pat and his wife Mary Ann was gracious enough to come and share this ministry to break and end human trafficking.  I was aware of this seeing it a few times on 20/20 and also the movie called Human Trafficking that appreared on Lifetime some years back.  When I think of it, it breaks me to pieces.  I think of my children, and how horrible that is.  Young Children as young as age 14 are being exploited and sold all over the world.  Just here in the United States the three top states for Human Trafficking:
#1 California
#2 New York
# 3 Florida

It is not just the organization but there are Mothers, Fathers, Brothers who are selling young girls for profit.  It has become more proftable than selling drugs because these young women, and children are getting sold over and over again.  One girl can be sold 50 times in one day.  This breaks the heart of God and this ministry has raised up an army to fight against Human Trafficking.  They have build a dream house where they house women who have been a victim of  this crime.  They represent the color orange ( Orange For Freedom)!  You can go to their site if you would like to see and get more information on this and see where you can help!  They need prayers for strength to do this work, and laborors, anything that you can do to help is on the site.  I encourage everyone who visit this ministry and is apart of the ministry to go to the site and be aware!  This breaks the heart of God as pastor Pat put it and he is absolutely right these are our children who are being exploited and sold for sex and beaten, bruised and we as the body of Christ have to take a stand.

Click on this picture and you are on your way to stopping Human Trafficking .  If you know anyone that may be a victim to this crime please call the hotline 1888-3737-888 This is a 24 hour number! To get more numbers that can give you more info about this crime go to the site.

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