Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Wonderful God!

Yesterday I went to the doctors office and because since November of 2010 I got an ultrasound on my uterus and was said that it was enlarged and the endometruim was thick.  I was to see a GYN. So that they can discuss with me treatment options.  When I got this news I had just got over being really sick from an overdose of medicne and was terribly sick for weeks and lost 18 pounds.  SO finding this out was a little scary for me.  I immediately began to pray and I was believing God to heal me of it, to completely shrink it back down to the right size.  This finding and other women in my congergation having similar issues in the Reproductive System drove my daily prayer and petition to God for myself and others that are having these problems. Especially believers!  Well after months of this I went to the GYN where they reffered me.  First I ended up having the same Doc that assisted with my mom's surgery back in November and they really took care of my Mom.  I had something amazing happen to me in Church Sunday and God has taken me to another level with Gifts and Power.  So I continued in prayer as the days came and I sat in that room yesterday being fully pursuaded that they were not going to find anything that what they saw before was not going to be there.  It was confirmed by what happened to me in Church the day before.  It was a big move of God in the house of God Sunday.  She came in and said Well I am not sure what they saw on your ultrasound but I find nothing abnormal about your ultrasound.  Everything is normal.  I begin to praise God right there in the Doctor's office and they got all excited with me.  They were smiling and saying I know it has been since November and to have this told to you must have been scary.  I told her it was not even that because I was obedient in not worrying but  Itold her my fith has everything to do with why I am like this.  I am just amazed at my God!  She said well I have nothing but good news for you!  Two things that they found wrong ending up being NONE!!!!

I am not sure about you but When you believe and petition God he is faithful when you belong to him!  I prayed for myself and not only for myself but I have been believing God for others.  As in my post about the reproductive system and the payer for that in my side bar! I believe that he has done it already for hundreds maybe even thousands!  I am truely seeking God concerning this and he is moving.   This was only a move of God!  He is faithful my sisters!  The Word says that you may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it.  John 14:14   That is simply put.  That is what he said. 

If you need healing in your physical bodies,  God is willing and able! Jer 29:11 I know the plans that I have for you says the lord; plans for you to prosper and to succeed and to do well.  He does not want us serving him sick where we are bound to our homes where we can't function, where we can't do what he has called us to do.  Paul stated that although he has a thorn in his side, in his weakness God made him strong.  God can give you the strenght to do his work.  Although Doctors may say that you will never be able to do this or do that but with God all things are possible.  The children of God are do not have to agree with what the world or man says! My favorite bible scripture states that In God I trust I will not be afraid; what can man do to me? Psalm 56:11  Man can do nothing to us if we trust in God! Satan has no power when you are pleading the blood of the lamb over your lives.  Just open up your mouth and state thus saith the Lord.  If he did it for me he can do it for you!  If he did it for those in the bible he can do it for you!  I encourge you today to open your mouth! Send me your prayer request so I can believe God with you.  Gos is there in the midst when 2 or more are gathered in his name petitioning him!

I love you all and God Bless you!

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