Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Worries Mini Album

  This is my no Worries Mini album! After experiencing a few months of just worrying I have been set free of worry because I know what God has to say about worry!  Making this album was a healing process to me! All the things that was worrying me I put them into this album and let them Go!  My health problems, Having to overcome, my fears of serving what I thought I would loose everything.  I put his promises in this album to remind me of what I overcame, what I conqured, what fears I decided not to worry about and let God handle them.  I named it NO WORRIES!!!

This page I added a page from my mini bible a scripture about worry.  I added those things I was worried about.  The things I worried about that are in this album I no longer worry about them.  Some have been already taken care of and others are still being worked out.  I am not worried about them though!
Prayer is very important to me! It has saved my life as a child and as an adult.  Prayer keeps me sane because I know I am talking to the father and he hears me!  He hears our cry, he hears our needs and he is waiting to answer prayers of those who love him when it is the right time.  I wanted to share my love for scripture and how the talent to be creative God has given me.  If any teens are out there reading this blog and you are going through something that you are not sure what to do.  God has given you gifts and talents.  The talents he gives are not just for your personal use but to use for his glory!  He has also given me this as an outlet to express myself!  I can let go and be free to think and use what is inside me when I am being creative!  If you read my testimony when I was a young girl I found crafting and creativity as a place of safety and time to see me!  God gave me a way of escape from all that I endured.  Even though I would have a bad day wondering where my mom was...once I got my brothers to bed I would sit in my room and just make stuff! Clothes for my dolls, add lace to washclothes and make them pretty, just create!  Find out what talents God has given you! Standing on the streets selling drugs, smoking drugs, selling yourselves, behaving in a manner that is not pleasing to your parents or an almightly God is not from God, it is not a talent.  Find what he placed inside you, something you had in you since you can remember that puts you in a happy place!  If you need prayer or additional information on anything please send me an email at


  1. Hi there! What a beautiful little album! It is so awesome that we have a God that lets us cast all our cares on him! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Becky nice to see you here again! Thanks for your comment on my album...It is really nice to know he is listening and that he cares and will answer!