Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Devotional Feb 15th

Set your Mind's on the things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2

We can get much further in our goals when we set our minds on the things above.  what does it mean to set your mind on the things above and not on earthly things?  When you focus on God, his plans, his ways, having his thoughts you will not focus on earthly things like material gain, hardships, troubles, finances etc.  Of course those things are things that we have to deal with daily but if we continue to reverse this scripture and set our minds on earthly things then how can we focus on God, his plans, his thoughts, his ways... His ways are perfect, his thoughts will take us from glory to glory to glory, He has all the answers, so when we are not focused on the one that can do all things then we will not reap the benefits of this Christian life we are living.  Gos wants us to live in peace, having a sound mind, having joy, having love.

 We can not do those things if we are focused on earthly things.  Earthly things are temporary, so that is why our heavenly father tells us not to focus on them.  But the things above are forever.  The bible states that this life and all that is in it will perish but he will not his kingdom will not.  After knowing this is is wise to say that this scripture is a word of advice that is going to help us live and enjoy life!  Not having hardships and troubles, tribulations are not ways to enjoy life but when we are going through them knowing that we have an advocate that is interceding on our behalf. He promised us someone that will come to be this for us! John 16:7. As I am going through my own troubles I am focused on the things above, Ministry, God's ways, what his word has to say about that trouble that is troubling me, praying, praying for others that may be going through the same issues that I am dealing with.  What a way to be set free is to not only think of yourself when you are going through but intercede for someone else that you may or may not know for Gos to also help them.

Today meditate on this scripture and let God speak to you and help you be obedient to this scripture.  I pray that this scripture has helped you and my teaching has helped as it has helped me and is helping me right now today!

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