Monday, January 31, 2011

Prayer For Womens Reproductive Systems

I Have been praying for Women all over the world in the Body of Christ for healing in their reproductive Systems.  Just in my local body alone I see cases and cases of women dealing with problems leading to cancer if not fixed and cancers in the womens reproductive systems.  Since I am in school To be a Medical Assistant, I have recenly been learing about the The body, this has been after I started my prayer.  I am now learning about the Womens Reproductive System and I have been really looking at it detailed and being mindful so that I can pray over those areas.  God gave us our reproductive systems for good but the enemy has tried to turn it around for bad.  But how many know that God can turn that back around for good!  I am really passionate about this God has really placed it in my heart.  My spirit was overwhelmed everytime I hear in the congergation or on Christian Tv of all the problem the Women in the Body of Christ is facing in the reproductive system.  He gave us that system to have children to be fruitful and multiply! Genesis  I am taking a stand against the enemy in prayer about this and God will prevail!  I have been truely crying out to God and I believe that atleast 1,000 women have been healed as of today.  I believe that as women where in the hospitals to go through surgery at the time of prayer another Ultrasound was done and they found NOTHING!!! I believe it with all my heart.  I also believe that as upcoming appointments are facing what they saw before they will see no more!  That women that are having trouble having children will soon get pregnant, women that have been told that they cannot bare children will.  I have called out The states  Arizona, Kansas, Washington New York, Florida, New England, and a few more.  I don't know why I called those states out in prayer that day but I did and I believe that God is working in those areas and have healed and will be moving more.  I plead that if you are having any problems in your reproductive system this includes ovaries, uterus, cervix.  please send me an e-mail with the problem you are having in your reproductive system and I will pray for you everyday and petition God on your behalf for your healing.  We want to petition God that nothing is taken out that he orginally put in us for good!  I am excited with what God will be doing for us when we prayer.  If we have prayer warriors other than myself here on the site please feel free to keep the Prayer Women's Reproductive Systems and healing of the areas that are associtate with them.  We have to attact these things as a body and as Women of God.  It is time for the women in the body to be healed of these issues.    For one month we will attact this in prayer and join me!  I look foward to your prayer request.

God Bless, Toccara


  1. Hi my name is Mary,
    I have been married now for almost 3 years. Me and my husband are wanting to start a family but for some reason we havent been successful. This has brought me a lot of depression and sadness throught time and Ive been praying to God because I want my heart to be clean and not be filled with resentment, hate, sadness and everything that comes to mind when I hear that someone is pregnant. Ive been oleading and praying to God to bless my womb and remove anything that might be making this complicated. Ive decided to write to this page because I believe that when more than two people come together in prayer the Lord moves his hand! I believe and know that everything happens at his time. At the begining of this year my pastor prayed over me and while in prayer I remember him saying that the Lord will bless me this year and until this day I am still holding on to his promises. Thank you so much for prayibg for all of us with reproductive issues I believe in Jesus name that all will be resolved!! Amen

  2. for me for healing of sexuality abuse from father healing in all my innermost

  3. Father, I come to you in name of your son Jesus Christ, who redeem us from all our sins and washed us clean. I come to you because just like you said to me on that one rainy day, while I was driving to see one of my clients that my blessing is coming. My Husband your son and me your daughter have been awaiting the blessing of your vision to be implanted in my womb and bring life forward an another prophet will be born. Our FAITH & TRUST in you will always over rule and veto anything that has been said to us. For I call upon your name Jesus and the power of our God that made us to be fruitful and multiply and fill his kingdom with his disciples. No generational curse through any bloodline wether mine or my husband will exalt above the word of GOD!! I decree and declare that every women daughter of the newborn King Jesus is being healed as I send this prayer to the heavens and let it be taken up to the Father!! Father God in due to time and season our blessing will be growing with in my womb!! I rejoice and thank you for it!! For you are the restorer of everything and speak life to everything!! I thank you for that all your daughters who needed to hear your words of healing, let their ears be in tuned with you and be asserted that you have heard there prayers!!! I sing your praise and ask my sisters your daughters to do so as well!! Pour your healing over us my LORD!! I seal this prayer and all future prayers with the blood and name of our savior Jesus Christ! AMEN❤

  4. Am requesting prayers I need healing in my reproductive Systems my husband and I want to have kids Please prayer for me and stand in faith with me that I will be healed from fibriods and overian cyst