Sunday, January 30, 2011

Have a Happy Expecting Sunday!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday! It is actually midnight and I am up checking on the site and checking for prayer request and things of that nature.  I see you from Miami Florida visiting us at this hour!  I pray that something has blessed you along the way while you are here.  I am keeping all 5 of my new members in prayer before I go to bed and if you attend church on Sunday's go expecting from God.  Yes it is okay to expect from God!  Walk through those doors expecting that he has something just for you! I know he has something just for me.  While I am battling my temptations, trial, and tribulations I am expecting that God is going to give me a word, or heal that are at which I am broken.  He can do it because he is God!  I have learned to go expecting each Sunday and guess what?  I receive every time. Sometimes it is a word, sometimes he heals an area in my life, sometimes I get blessed by praise and worship, sometimes it is conviction of where I am falling short.  But what ever it is I receive because I am expecting to!  Expect a miracle! Expect a breakthrough! Expect the Almighty, the great  I am to show up! He does every time.  When we read the new testament and read about when Jesus went throughout all Galilee healing people.  A lot of them were expecting him to heal them because they truly believed he was the Messiah!  When they went to go where Jesus was they were expecting to be healed.  We should do the same.  If Jesus healed both people who believed and those that did not believe what do you think he will do for you and you are his follower!  Pray always confess your sins and ask for forgiveness of sin because this keeps our lines of communication open.  Rebuke and cast out whatever the enemy is trying to do to you in the name of Jesus and wait and see what God will do for you!  He is Jehovah God, He is Jehovah Nissi, He is Jehovah Jireh...He is the Great I am, he is "IAM" as he told Moses Exodus 3:14-15  He is whatever you need him to be in order for him to began a good and perfect work in you!  He wont stop until you are shaped and molded into his image.  I love you all and I truly do pray that you are blessed!


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