Friday, April 27, 2018

Moments and Days Book Review

When I first started to review this book I can say I could not appreciate it. I thought it would be different in the setup of the book. I was not looking for it to be so much of a novel but of a book with main points and more pictures. I know may sound a little off but that is what I was expecting. Now that I want to know more about Holy Celebrations and getting more in wanting to learn I can appreciate the detail, the informative information about the ones I know some about and the ones I knew not so much about. It was very detailed and gave me a walk through history. I could picture each celebration and understand the connection. There is so much more to what we celebrate than what we sometimes celebrate them for, that I now appreciate those celebrations and can partake in some knowing the meaning behind them. I was well informed in this book. She did a great job as taking us through the moments & Days which was a great title for this book. I have been going back through the book and will continue to as celebrations come up on the calendar and I want more understanding of them. I love that I can know the celebrations and celebrate but also know that it does not take away from my salvation or I have to do these in place of my salvation. I recommend this book to anyone who want to get detailed information about celebrations and holidays that the bible talks about and of the Jewish culture.

I recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Will Give Thanks!

My heart is full with thanksgiving! This morning I woke up in pain, I felt it starting last night and this morning was not easy. Before I complained, before, I told God about my problems and how I am still waiting on his healing I gave thanks. I thanked him for this beautiful day although I didn't feel beautiful, I thanked him for his protection even though I did not feel protected, I thanked him for his love although I didn't feel his love, I thanked him for his goodness although I didn't feel it, And I thanked him for his Healing although I don't feel healed. Situations can make you feel God is not nigh to you, but see what doesn't matter is how I feel, what does matter is how God feels and what He says about me and my situation. I don't have to feel it to know the truth all I have to do is trust and believe in his word. My situation is not going to sway how I am going to walk because I know who is before me and behind me. I can give thanks and be exceedingly glad because I have the Father, the one who knows everything and has the power and authority to change my circumstance. Can I get an Amen? Give t hanks this morning for He is good and Worthy I mean more than worthy to be praised! He has made me glad for I will rejoice for He has made me Glad! When we start to think like God, there is no stopping me or you. No Devil in he'll can stop you! give thanks this morning.

Be Blessed, 

Beautiful Awakening Ministry

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One of the Few Book Review

Image result for one of the few by jason ladd

This book was great.  I don't read many military books and when I was told given this title I thought oh boy I am not sure how this is going to go even though it is a Christian read.  I was surprised that it kept me wanting to read more.  I did not get bored.  I like when books or the lives of those that are Christians or seeking asks those questions as to me it lets me know that you are searching and you want to know the truth. It could be challenging at first but I am a reader and have been able to read William Faulkner books so it was not bad at all.  I love that this book was on faith and despite questions faith is what stands.
I love how I was taken through the military world and culture.  I was able to visually with the authors way of describing that time in his life. It was amazing how faith was found while living in a culture that makes it hard to have faith or lean on it at times. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I think anyone can enjoy this book and not just a christian.  I definitely believe that someone that is very skeptical  of Christianity can read this and respect this book. I am also a visual person which I believe most books readers have to be to love books, so I was incredibly blessed to be able to visually be taken on this road and on this Journey of faith.  If you are not asking those important questions to yourself and of God about your faith in where you are in life then you will never grow. I enjoyed this read.  

I received a free copy of this book for my honest Opinion.

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Light

Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life. 

 When I see all the things going on in the world, people going mad, having hearts that are not towards God people ask why is this happening? what is wrong with people?  I know I ask that question all the time when I see someone has hurt a child, has killed an innocent person, made remarks and comments about a group of people that you know you would never say or even think to say because it is so rude, disrespectful and almost un human like behavior. Being that I have a relationship with the Father I know where it is coming from but out of habit I just ask "What is wrong with this world"?  I know what the problem is and Jesus knew what the problem was and is with the world.  It is walking in darkness. Jesus said that "I am the light of the world and whoever follows me will NOT walk in darkness".  That is the problem the world is walking around without the light.  They can't see and are blinded.  The light is being taken out of the schools our children attend, out of entertainment, the light is being taken out of music we have for enjoyment, out of politics, out of our laws, morality everything.  Little by little every time I turn my head there is something that the light has given us to protect us and keep us safe is being taken out for man's own opinion and them trying to be the light for people, just like the pharisees were doing.  The light is even being taken out of some churches and groups that say they are Christians but refuse to put Christ where he belongs.  To them he was just a wise man, just a prophet, just someone with wisdom but he was so much more than that. If I can be just even a speck of the light Jesus was and is, I cam make a difference. I tend to do that by sharing the good news and encouraging people not to look at man, politics, presidents as the source to save our problems because they can't.  Only God can.  The things Jesus described as the signs of the end of time is not his doing or him causing people to do the things he spoke about that will happen, but it is because of the world selfishness and self righteousness to try and live life without the light. So for anyone reading this today are you living with the light? are you spreading news of the light?  How can you be a light? For someone that may be new to what I am saying the light I am speaking of is Jesus and He want to make his home within your hearts.  He want you to exchange your darkness whatever that may be for his Light.  He will shed the light you have been looking for.  He can change your heart, your desires, and your situation if you just entrust it to him.  Jesus goes on to say in John 8:32 that the truth will set you free.  Give the word a shot, you will not be disappointed.  If you would like to know more about who the God of the universe sent to pay for everything you are not and give you everything that he created you to be you can check the top of the site on the tab that says Salvation Prayer and it will give you more information.  We are more than happy to pray with you and celebrate with you, on your decision to follow the light of the world the one who knows everything thing that you are going through and everything that this nation is going through.  I pray God speaks to your heart and lead you where your trust is without borders in Him.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Operation Handmade Blessings Underway...

I am excited as we are back in action again for the 5th year of Blessing those in the Nursing Home during the Holiday season.  We are set to go out December 17th 2016.  We would love for you to help. I would recommend looking at all the pictures from the previous years and see what we do.  Last years event was our largest.  We had over 20 volunteers, and each residence got at least 6 items each as well got to visit the donation table that had clothes, jewelry etc.  It was an amazing time and the residence surely felt the love in the air.  I am so blessed to be able to do this and to do what Christ has called me to do which is take care of the Elderly, the sick, the widows, the homeless.  I find no greater joy!  This Operation stated because I love to handmade items and I wanted to share my love for crafting and making handmade items with those that have a need.  So if you have ti handmade items, any of the items below on the list you can help.  If you don't handmake items but would still love to help you can.  Let me know if you have any questions. Please see below information. also you can visit the tabs at the top of this page and click on Operation Handmade Blessings to find out more information and see how you can help.  I also have provided an acceptable items list here.  


Personal Hygene Items:
Cornstarch Powder - Unscented
Hand and Body Lotion - Unscented
Hand and face Wipes - Unscented
Shampoo - lightly scented

Clothes: Men and Women
Socks any color
Hats Winter skull hats

Hair Clips ( Flowers etc).
Soft headbands
Hair ties
Flower Brooches
Small handbags
Wheelchair bags

Inspirational Books, Magazines
Word Search Puzzles


Picture Frames

Jewelry Boxes any kind

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Currently Reviewing: Becoming a Woman of Excellence!

I am starting my review on a title I received through Tyndale House.  I enjoy blogging for this publishing company. The title is  Becoming a Woman of Excellence 30th Anniversary Revised &Updated.  This is in a devotional and study guide format so I am pretty excited.  I enjoyed the daily devotions and the questions. I also love that it had some updated insight and wisdom 30 years later from the author. I felt that the devotions were lengthy enough and scriprure references were good. This was a great devotion to help with the older and younger part of the author wherr she had learned some lessons ans is now sharing with the readers.

I would reccommend this Devotional and book to ypung women ans older women. I am in my mid thirties so it helped me and i could agree in both aspects. This is a devotion you can go back to years later and benefit. I love the history of this devotional and the fact that there is someone that can attest to whst she has written from then and now 30 years later.

Disclaimer - I recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why Are you So Fearful? He's In the Boat with Us!

You are light, you are love; you step down in to darkness you give hope you restore every heart that is broken. Great are you Lord! It's your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise to you only.
This song has been in my heart for the last three days. These words are so powerful God's gets all in the mess of things with all his great attributes and restore because it is his breath in our lungs that keeps us moving despite all we have been through hallelujah!
I can't help but think on scripture I was studying this morning where Jesus and his disciples were on a boat and a storm came. Jesus was sleeping and the disciples were terrified. Once Jesus was awakened by the disciples He calmed the storm but he asked two important questions of them that puzzled him. Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have NO faith? I put the emphasis on the word no for a reason. Jesus is not just upset because they were on a boat with water filling up on the inside, winds are crazy, it's dark and they were afraid but the fact that Jesus himself was on the boat and they were acting as if the savior himself was not with them. I thought about my own life and how many situations I have been in where so much fear of the situation I was facing came in and that I acted as if Jesus was no where in my life. He's my savior but I let a doctor's report, a closed door to a job I wanted, or an accident my child was in, overtake that I have the light,the love, the hope the restorer of my life and have that put on the back burner. Shame on me. I don't want to be like the disciples and not truly know who the Lord is even when his protection, and goodness is all around me everyday and in the boat with me! Even after he calmed the storm they asked who can this be, that even the wind and the sea obey him. They still asked "who is this" really disciples; unbelievable! But It's not much different than our action today when we get all bent out of shape when situations arise. I don't want to be like that, I want to know, I know, that I know, that He is who He says he is without a doubt!
Mark 4:35-41

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review Guys Slimline Bible

This bible is very similar to the girls slimline bible the difference is the look. The black and blue as well as the inside from cover scripture that is on it. My husband actually like the bible and considers taking it when he is in need to travel light and still have that stylish guy look and feel of a bible.  It has topics to look up , reading plan but as stated for the girls version of this, it is not a study bible that has notes on scriptures.  It is your typical Holy Bible.  It is in NLT version for easier reading and understanding of God's word.  The cover also has a nice feel to it. It is leather.  I really like that about it. This is definitely guys bible .I think any young tween and teen guy would love this bible to read God's word. It is slim, light weight and very nice looking.  I also do like the NLT version of the bible and especially for young Christians it could be a great help on opening up the word for better understanding.  I do think this is a great guys bible.  Especially since my husband got to look at it and he gave it a thumbs up.

I got a fee copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Review: Girls Slimline Holy Bible (NLT)

I was so excited to be able to review the girls slim line bible as I have teen girls and thought from a mothers perspective and once when I was a teen had a bible I was stoked.   When I got it in my hands I was able to feel the front cover and it has this nice velvet soft from cover that really does look like a girl teen bible.  When I opened the front cover it had space for you’re to write your name and other information.  I love how the edges of the bible is in the color purple.  I had read scriptures in NLT so I do think it is helpful having this version for a teen.  NLT is great for breaking scripture down to a simpler text and I think this was great for a young girl’s bible considering they will have more questions about the word of God with other versions.  It has the look and feel of a teen /girl’s bible.  It is the perfect size for easy carrying and very convenient to put in your purse or small bag.     It has everything your typical bible has to look up words and scriptures.  It has a concordance, I like how it has themed passages to look up that is teen related as well.  I would have enjoyed it to be more girl teen related like having some sort of topic in between or what could be helpful to a young girls and things they can learn from the books in the bible but I guess there are other bibles for that.  That was the only pain point I had for this bible.  It is if you are looking for a bible that is themed for a girl this is your bible. It is very colorful and your young daughter can go while with highlighting and adding their own personal bible stuff and it would fit right in.  My 14 year actually loves it and she want to have it as her own personal bible. 

I was given a free copy of this book from Tyndale house in exchange for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thirty Pieces of Silver ( What are yours)?

Then one of the Twelve—the one called Judas Iscariot—went to the chief priests 15 and asked, “What are you willing to give me if I deliver him over to you?” So they counted out for him thirty pieces of silver.
Matthew 26:14-15

I want to first start out by saying that this message is definitely a word that God made stand out in my heart as I was listening to his word through audio while at work.  I often have times where I am just filing papers for an hour or so and I just hibernate in the file room and listen to the word while I file and when the scriptures came along on this topic, God immediately began to teach me and give me a word concerning this topic.  I had never ever looked at this scripture in this way and I know it was God giving me a new fresh word and was going to allow me to use it in the unique way he has gifted me to teach His word to his people.  I pray that this word bless you.  I know it will not just bless us but pierce our hearts because God has told us from the beginning that he is a jealous God and rightfully so, that He created us for HIS glory and for no other reason.  We are in the times that are nearing the end, whenever that is, and although I don't know when that is, I do know that it is closer than it was yesterday and the week before so God all around the world with all those he has given gifts to teach, is pouring out and looking for a people that will be loyal to him and the only way we can be loyal is by knowing the word.  

Often we know of Judas as the betrayer of Jesus, the one whose actions caused Jesus to go to the cross.  We can be angry with Judas for the pain and suffering his actions caused Jesus.  I look at it as... had these things not happened we would not have had a Savior.  God showed me during this time with this teaching that it goes a little deeper than that...

Let’s look at some facts about Judas.  Not much about his early life is known by anyone.  He most likely showed his skill for business so he was appointed treasurer for the disciples. ( John 12:6 ,13:39).  He most likely joined the disciples out of pure motives I believe digging in this, but later became a thief.  He acted as if he cared for the poor and had this "zeal" if you will for them but it was really his covetousness. Also the way he reacted when Mary had her encounter with Jesus with her alabaster box he was the first to worry and think only of the value of what was in the box and not on the action what she was doing represented.   

We know that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. In the minds and hearts of us as believers it seems very little for the price to betray someone you are loyal to right?  Someone that you love!  You would think it would be a high price or no price at all to do that to someone you love, saw great miracles from, saw how He loved people. An innocent man.  How does that even make sense? Well I want us to look at 30 pieces of silver in Judas days and how much is that really???

During slavery 30 pieces of silver is what was paid for the price of a slave.  When a slave was accidentally killed this was also the payment a master received.  In Zachariah 11:12-13, 30 he was paid 30 pieces of silver for his labor He then takes those coins and "throws them to the potter".  He also made a sarcastic statement about the payment received calling it a "handsome price".  This also is a direct reference and prophesy to what happens to Jesus before it even happens and the situation with Judas.

Once I got a better understanding of what this payment signified and what it meant to those in that time. It all came together.  Judas was willing and did take the bribe from the enemy that his relationship with Jesus was worth compromising. 

Present Day:  What are your 30 pieces of sliver? What is the enemy dishing out, as payment for our betrayal of Christ and our relationship with God? And are we accepting the payment? Is the amount worth having a setback in your walk with God?  Are those "30 pieces of silver" worth what God has given us?  Daily we struggle with things and we fall short daily but I have come to a point in my own personal life where things I know I should not be doing I don't do.  If there is a struggle I go to the feet of Jesus and ask him to help me and not take the temptations of the enemy and then after I have done the sin, waddled in it, then try and bring the 30 pieces of silver back to the enemy.  At that point we have already done it and now comes whatever those consequences may be. When these things takes place the enemy just looks at us now that we have a conscience of what we have done  the enemy "says that is not my problem oh well, that is your problem"  just like the Chief Priest did to Judas when He felt bad and wanted to undo what he did.   The bible tells us that that we are no longer slaves to sin.  We don't have to do them.  It is no longer in our nature to sin. ( Galatians 4:7).  The Word also tells us that NOTHING shall separate us from the Love of God. I don't just  believe that this is only what God feels towards us but, is what we should feel  also once we truly understand and accept God as our complete source , and that  the trials we face don't have anything on us because we have the source of life itself.

Jesus was not deceived by Judas He knew from the beginning he would betray him.  Jesus after watching Judas walk with him, eat with him , Jesus shared pretty much everything with his disciples and then that day of the breaking of bread with Judas and the others, Jesus called him out.  I believe this message is our Savior calling us out letting us know that there are too many things in the word that is keeping us from all that he wants to give us. Those things drive out his spirit, the full life that he died to give us. He came that we might have life and have it to the full. (John 10:10).  After Jesus called him out satan entered Judas and at that point he had a choice to make.  Today since the word has gone out we have a choice to make.  Are we going to free ourselves from the things that satan is trying to give us? 

 Free yourselves from the 30 pieces of silver that the enemy want to give you to betray and alter your relationship with Christ.  We have to decide if we are going to be on Team Jesus! We absolutely cannot continue to take payments from the enemy and still try and serve Christ.  At some point a decision has to be made.  We can't serve two master either you will hate one and love the other (Matthew 6:24).

Christ is looking for obedience and loyalty. It grieves his spirit when we continue to let the enemy have his way in our lives especially when he has given us power over the enemy.  We have the free gift. Jesus!!

Today 30 pieces of silver is around 225.00 USD. When I think of the things that have come between my relationship with Christ or can if I let the enemy enter in, this payment is truly a low blow to my savior when I think of it personally in my life.  Lastly I ask you again sister what are the 30 pieces of sliver the enemy is putting in your way from your complete loyalty to Christ? Those things that keep you going backwards, being stagnant and not being able to have the fullness you know you can have if you just stop letting the enemy bribe you in that one area or areas?

I pray this message bless you.  It was a tough message for me because as God was given me this I had to examine my own life and make sure I am not allowing this to happen in my  life and if there are things whether big or small I need to pray, ask for forgiveness and turn away from it.  In the times that we are in honestly my sister we don't have time not to do this.  Watching the world around me and how prevalent the enemy is now with Christ coming being closer than it was in bible times, some that wander back into the world and take the payments from the enemy don't make it back and are dying in their sin in the mess that God brought them out of.  I pray for everyone reading this that it bless you tremendously and that you share this teaching with someone else.  If you would like prayer on this topic or whatever prayer you feel you need after reading this please send an email to I would love to pray with you and for you.

God Bless,